Hawg Halters Inc. 2018 Catalog

The Next Generation of Big Wheel Brakes Has Arrived! BFBK-18, 6 Piston Caliper & True Floating Brake Rotor Kit. HHI’s 18” 6-piston Direct Bolt-on Brake Caliper and True Floating Rotor Kits are the perfect finish for your Big Wheel builds! The BFBK- 18” kit features a purpose-built 6 piston differential bore caliper designed specifically for 18” brake rotors. This HHI caliper features an upgraded 6-piston configuration optimized for use with the stock late model hand controls. The larger brake pads and direct bolt on rigidity of the caliper delivers increased overall braking performance. 420-stainless steel, cross drilled friction ring. BFR-18 brake rotor billet centers are available in chrome, black, phantom cut and raw finishes. The BFBK -18, 6 piston Caliper & True Floating Brake Rotor kit can now be ordered as a single or dual caliper kit, with matching Hawg Halters, Renegade Wheel, or Custom Designed centers to match your custom wheels. The BFR-18 floating brake rotor features a billet aluminum center section, with a

BFBK-18 Single Disc Kits: CFK6-LHCA-18BF # (Style) LH = Left Hand, C=Chrome caliper, A=Black Rotor center BFBK-18 Dual Disc Kits: CFK6-DDCA-18BF-# (Style) DD=Dual Kit, C=Chrome caliper, A=Black Rotor center



S T A R T W I T H T H E B E S T , B U I L D T H E B E S T .

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