Hawg Halters Inc. 2018 Catalog

- (FC) Forward Control - (K) Complete Kit

FCH–SOCS–FP 99 – earlier Softail, Solid Levers and Folding Pegs


F (7) 2007-08 (9) 2009-up - (C) Chrome, (P) Polish (A) Black Anodize, (SC) Shadow Cut FCK-SOCS-SR-S (B) Brake Side Only (S) Shifter Side Only (H) Hydraulic Clutch - (S) Softail (D) Dyna (C) FXR/Custom - (0) 99-earlier, (1) 2000-06, Standard (S) - Extended (E) Solid Plain Peg Set w/ Holes (SH) - Solid Rubber Inlay Peg Set (SR) Folding Plain Peg Set w/ Holes (FH) Folding Rubber Inlay Peg Set (FR) N



A FCH–SOCS–SH-H 99 – earlier Softail, Hole Style Levers and Pegs


Slotted Style Levers (S) - Hole Style Levers (H)

J FCK–COAS-FR-HE 99 – earlier FXR, Shadow Cut Hole Style Levers with Folding Rubber Inlay Pegs


Necessary when converting to hydraulic clutch, our clutch housing kit is adaptable to stock and aftermarket transmissions. Machined from solid billet aluminum, it operates best for most applications with our 5/8” bore hydraulic hand control. HYCCA-C01 - 5 Speed Chrome HYCCA-A01 - 5 speed Black Anodize HYCCA-C02 - 6 Speed Chrome HYCCA-A02 - 6 Speed Black Anodize HYCCA-F-C02 - 6 Speed Chrome Finned HYCCA-F-A02 - 6 Speed Black Finned HYCCA-F-AE02 - 6 Speed Black Finned Shadow Cut Hydraulic Transmission Clutch Housing Kit


Engine Side Covers - V-Fin Cam Cover Kit

Fits 2001 to 2014. TCSCA-C01 V-Fin Design, Chrome TCSCA-C02 Smooth Design, Chrome TCSCA-A01 V-Fin Design, Black Anodize

TCSCA-AD01 V-Fin Design, Black Anodize, Diamond Cut Fins TCSCA-AE01 V-Fin Design, Black Anodize, Shadow Cut Fins


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