Hawg Halters Inc. 2018 Catalog

Touring Systems

Complete 41mm Front & Rear AirFX System ————————————————————————————————————————— FXA-1007-FH -1-B - No Switches FXA-1007-FH-1-B1 With Toggle Switch (shown)

Complete 49mm Front & Rear AirFX System ——————————————————————————————————— FXA-1007-FH49 -1-B - No Switches

FXA-1007-FH49-1-B1 With Toggle Switch (shown) FXA-1007-FH49 -1 B2 With Micro Switch

FXA-1007-FH -1 B2 With Micro Switch

NEW! AirFx Bullet Shocks Hawg Halters Inc and AirFx are pleased to introduce the latest New Rear Shock to the growing family of AirFX Suspension Systems for the Cruiser market. The Bullet Shock has no Air bag to burst, and Adjustable Suspension Rebound

41mm Front AirFX Insert Kit FXA-1006-FH-0-HD - No Switches FXA-1006-FH -1-HD - With Toggle Switch FXA-1006-FH-2-HD - With Micro Switch 49mm Front AirFX Insert Kit FXA-1006-FH49-0-HD - No Switches FXA-1006-FH49 -1-HD - With Toggle Switch FXA-1006-FH49-2-HD - With Micro Switch

Control. Delivers a safe, smooth ride and comes in Show Chrome or Black finish. These new shocks have been designed to be easily configured to fit a variety of bikes including the V-Rod, Dyna, Sportster, and Indian Scout.

FX-1010MB - AirFX/HHI Micro Switch Package

Rear FL / Touring Kit FXA-1004-B-1-B-O - No Switch FXA-1004-B-1-B-1 - With Toggle Switch FXA-1004-B-1-B-2 - With Micro Switch (shown) Polished shocks are available by special order.

Rear Softail Complete Kit 2000-2017 FXA-1002-B-1-B-O - No Switch FXA-1002-B-1-B-1 - With Toggle Switch FXA-1002-B-1-B-2 - With Micro Switch (shown) Call for info on 1999 and earlier kits.

2018 HD Mono Shock BK-HD-ST18-R-1 Basic Rear Kit includes Compressor, Mono Shock, Air valve, Toggle switch Harness.

FXA-1007-HVR-1-B-1 - Black Rear Shocks FXA-1007-HVR-1-C-1 - Chrome Rear Shocks (Shown) Specific front cartridge lengths available for 23” and 26” wheels call for further information.


Includes; Compressor, Rear Shocks, Front Cartridge pair, Instant-up kit single tank, Valves, (2) Toggle switch harnesses. Fits 2009-2017 V-Rod Muscle and other models

with inverted forks with stock/21” front wheel.


S T A R T W I T H T H E B E S T , B U I L D T H E B E S T .

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