Hawg Halters Inc. 2018 Catalog

Bagger Forward Control Systems HHI offers a complete line of forward controls designed specifically for the Bagger/Touring models. Kits are available in both standard and extended length versions for all touring models 1997 to present. The standard length version features an adjustable peg position to adapt to most rider fitments. The extended length works well for those tall, long leg riders. These controls bolt right up without modifications and use the stock master cylinder for easy installation and service. Both the shifter and brake pivot assembly incorporate dual sealed ball bearings providing a smooth, positive actuation for many miles to come.

FCK-F1CS-FR —————————————————————————— 1997 to 2007 FLH Standard Chrome, Standard Folding Rubber Inlay Pegs

- (FC) Forward Control - (K) Complete Kit - Touring Models

FCK-F1CE-FR —————————————————————————— 1997 – 2007 FLH Extended Chrome, Solid Levers, Folding Rubber Inlay Pegs

(F1) FLH 1997 – 2007 (F8) FLH 2008

(F9) FLH 2009 – 2013 (F14) FLH 2014 - up - (C) Chrome, (A) Black Anodize (SC) Shadow Cut FCK-F8CS-SR-S Standard (S) - Extended (E) - Folding Plain Peg Set w/ Holes (FH) - Folding Rubber Inlay Peg Set (FR)

FCK-F9AS-FR-HE —————————————————————————— 2009 – up FLH Standard Black Shadow Cut holes with Folding Rubber Inlay Pegs

Slotted Style Levers (S) - Holes Style Levers (H) Solid Style Levers ( )

FCK-F1CS-FR-S —————————————————————————— 1997 to 2007 FLH Standard Chrome, Standard Folding Rubber Inlay Pegs

HHI Touring Model Forward Controls are generally fitted by the riders inseam

measurement. Standard Forward Controls fit 33” and under, while Extended Forward Controls are applied to lengths of 34” or longer.


S T A R T W I T H T H E B E S T , B U I L D T H E B E S T .

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